Create UTM URL Builder

The full website URL (e.g.

The referrer: (e.g. google, newsletter)

Marketing medium: (e.g. cpc, banner, email)

Product, promo code, or slogan (e.g. spring_sale)

Identify the paid keywords

Use to differentiate ads


The easiest possible way to create your own unique UTM parameter is by using Google Analytics links builder.

Let us assume that the link that we are building is going to lead people to a web page that we are going to be publishing in a week at the end of which we will have a link that will lead them to our video tutorial. Here you want to know how many people clicked on that link which is at the end of that web page and how much traffic it garnered.

In order to create UTM tagged URL using a UTM campaign builder tool, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Above you will find our UTM URL Builder, you will immediately notice six fill up blanks on the page. Out of these only 4 are mandatory requirements, so we will focus just on these four.
  • The first one is the “website URL”, here you fill out the URL of the website you want the use to land on when they click your link. So here, you will fill out the URL of the tutorial video.
  • Next is the “Campaign Source”, this will give the information of where the traffic is getting generated from. In this case, it will be the web page that has your video link in.
  • The next one will be “Campaign medium”, this is what will identify the medium in which the link was shared through. Here you would put the exact web page address where your link is placed.
  • The last one is the “Campaign name”, this is the ultimate identification of the link.  This is the name of your actual campaign that is your video tutorial landing page.
  • Now when you click submit, the Google analytics link builder will generate a unique URL that you can use to link your video on your web page.

And the tag that you created will get linked to your Google analytics for tracking purposes.