Using UTM Parameters with Email Marketing & Sales

It is important to measure the success of your email marketing efforts not only in terms of click through rates, but having a close eye as to how people behave on your website once they have clicked on your email is an important parameter too.

This is when UTM codes come to your rescue and help you track exactly how people behave on your site from the time they landed to the time they finally make a purchase and exit.

How do UTM parameters work in an email?

You can tag the UTM parameters in the links that you plan to embed within your email that would be sent as a part of your email marketing campaign. You can embed such a link in the logo, header, and footer and so on.

Tagging the UTM parameters to an URL helps in easy tracking through the use of 5 parameters called source, medium, campaign, content, and term. Once the users click on the link, the UTM parameters would help you in easy tracking of the incoming traffic and would help you in making well-informed decisions.

Now, let’s see the entire procedure to set up a UTM code in your email campaigns.

How to use UTM parameters in email?

Working with UTM email codes is no rocket science. You can set up your own UTM code for tracking purposes manually or with the use of tools.

Manual creation of UTM codes

  • You can make use of Google URL builder to help you in the process.
  • Enter all the required details on the page that comes:

Website URL:

Campaign source: weekly_newsletter

Campaign medium: email

Campaign term: shoes online

Campaign content: logo

Campaign name: shoes_savings

  • Next, click on generate URL, and the following URL will be generated:

You can use this link for the logo, and create the similar URLs for all the referrals in your email like header, footer, images and so on.

The plus point of generating UTM email codes manually is your ability to customize them as and when needed.

Automatic creation of UTM codes

You can also create UTM codes online with the help of various UTM URL Builder Tools automatically.

Copy and paste the generated URL on all the referrals in your email, and voila, it is done!

Over to You

Using UTM email parameters is simple, and can reveal lots of hidden insights. So, how often do you use UTM parameters in email? Do let us know in the comments!