Using UTM Parameters with Facebook Ads

URL parameters help you in tracking the success of your ad campaigns. UTM parameters can reveal the links people clicked before arriving on your website or on your Facebook page.

And to track all this, and much more, you can add URL parameters to your Facebook ads with the help of third-party analytics. Let’s see how.

Steps to Using UTM Parameters with Facebook Ads

    • Start by creating a New Ad Campaign or by working on the Saved Draft.
    • Once you have entered all the required info in your Campaign, set URL parameters in Ad Level.
    • Find the section called URL Parameters it Ad Level by clicking on Show Advanced Options.
    • Enter your own URL parameters in the screen that comes to identify your campaign. You don’t need to enter the destination URL here.
    • For example, if you have to compare the success of two posts, one with an image of the red background, and the other with a blue background. In that case, you can create two unique URLs for your ad like: and

  • Tracking each of these URLs would help you in calculating which post is working better and driving more traffic.

Tracking Your Data in Google Analytics

Once everything is set, it is the right time to track all the activities using UTM facebook. In order to view the data in Google Analytics, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Analytics dashboard.
  2. Choose the website you want to track activities for (in case of more than one website)
  3. Click on Acquisition from the left-hand side menu
  4. Click on All Campaigns at the top
  5. If you have followed all the steps correctly, all insights will start coming here in this section.

How you can u

Working with UTM facebook links is not rocket science, however, it might take a tad bit of time to become an expert in them. Do you use UTM tracking or have faced any issues while setting them up? Do let us know in the comments.