UTM Parameters in MailChimp

Your marketing strategies are only as good as the data they are based on. And extracting data is the tough jobs of all. And this is what UTM parameters help you in achieving.

They transform a simple link into an insightful URL which can tell you the source from where the traffic came, how it came, why it came and the terms and content that was used to engage the traffic.

But, when you are working with MailChimp which is email automation software and is an integral part of almost all email marketing campaigns, working with UTM parameters is all the more necessary – just to be sure that the traffic is coming from the intended channel.

Tracking Your Email Campaign With The Help Of Google Analytics

Use a UTM parameter link building tool to create a campaign URL in order to track it. A sample URL would look something like this:


Looks a bit complicated? Well, it is not. Check:

  • utm_source-= this would allow you to track the source of the traffic. It is an email sent on 7/17 in our case.
  • utm_medium= this would allow you to track the medium of the traffic. It is an email in our case but could be a banner, or CPC too.
  • utm_campaign = this allows you to track the campaign behind the traffic, just to help you differentiate between the email campaign triggered on 6/17 and 9/17!

But, if the above-mentioned method seems a bit too much complicated for you, here is a quick fix by Mailchimp. Let’s get started.

Creating Campaign URL with Mailchimp

Log in to your MailChimp account.

  • Click on Campaigns.
  • Click on Create Campaign.
  • Select Regular Campaign
  • Click on Setup.
  • Click on Tracking.
  • Check the Google Analytics link tracking box at the extreme right.
  • Enter your Campaign Name, and MailChimp will automatically create campaign URLs for you.

Over to You

UTM parameters undoubtedly make the campaign tracking so much easier and simpler. What are your views on this and how do you deal with UTM parameters in Mailchimp? Do let us know!