UTM Parameters in Mixpanel

Yes, you can track the results of your marketing campaign in addition to studying the behavior of your users once they are on your website with the help of UTM parameters with Mixpanel.

So, what are UTM parameters?

UTM stands for Urchin Traffic Manager and is a process by which you can keep a close eye on various campaigns by tracking the links and channels the users landed on your website from.

For example, let’s assume that you have an email marketing campaign and a Google AdWords campaign running simultaneously in order to drive traffic to your landing page.  Thankfully, one of these campaigns is working out, and you are getting lots of traffic.

But, how would you figure out that which campaign is more successful and sending you more traffic? Well, this is where UTM parameters come to your rescue and help you in customizing your URL in a way to make tracking easier.

Using UTM parameters in Mixpanel

Tagging your URL with UTM parameters do not change the content of the link, but only help you in tracking purposes. Speaking technically, www.test.com?source=none, is similar to www.test.com and would land you on the same page, as anything added after ‘?’ in the link has no effect on the overall URL.

Likewise, you can create two different UTM parameters tagged URLs for each of your campaigns. The email campaign would point you to: htttp://www.test.com/?utm_source=email_newlstter and that from AdWords campaign would be like: http://www.test.com?utm_source=adwords

This would help you in easy identification as to which campaign is driving more traffic to your website.

What if the same customer comes to your website from multiple channels?

In case, the same user comes from different channels, i.e. first time from email, and the second time from AdWords campaign, Mixpanel would use first touch attribution until and unless the user has cleared cookies from his browser.

Using a customized campaign parameter with Mixpanel

You can register your own campaign parameter as a super property with the help of proper JavaScript code.

Wrapping Up

Make the best out of your campaigns with Mixpanel with the effective use of UTM parameters. If you face any troubles in setting up UTM links with Mixpanel, do let us know in the comments.