UTM Parameters in Salesforce

UTM parameters, also widely called as Urchin Tracking Module, are an easy way to track and measure the success of online campaigns.

UTM parameters help you in tracking the efficiency of your various campaigns without requiring you to create separate landing pages for each of your campaigns.

What All Can You Track With UTM Parameters?

A UTM parameter tagged URL can help you in tracking the success of your marketing channels in order to help in making a well-informed decision.

  • utm_source would tell you the source of the traffic which may be an email, or a newsletter or a Facebook ad.
  • utm_medium describes the medium of your traffic which might be a Facebook banner, or a CPC campaign and the likes.
  • utm_campaign helps you in identifying the campaign that you are running.
  • utm_term helps you in tracking the paid keywords.
  • utm_content is generally used for a/b testing of CTAs.

Tracking UTM Parameters in Salesforce

You might wonder – why should I track the UTM parameters in Salesforce when I can easily track them in Google analytics? Well, sure you can do! But, all that Google Analytics would reveal is if your customers visited thank you page after landing on your landing page. But, what it will not reveal is if the lead was converted to a customer, or if any purchases were made and so on. This is what is effectively revealed by Salesforce, and this is perhaps why you should track your campaigns in Salesforce.