What is UTM Campaign Parameter?

UTM campaign parameter helps you in tracking your campaigns and gives you a fair idea as to which campaign is performing well. This is especially true when you have numerous campaigns running at the same time and need to attribute your success properly.

UTM parameters help you in tagging your URL in order to track your marketing activity.

There are 5 UTM parameters with which you can tag your URL, however, it is always recommended to adopt a minimalistic approach and use only as many UTM parameters as are required.

Utm_campaign is one such parameter which helps you in tracking the campaign which is resulting in all the traffic. UTM campaign is the most misused parameter and often contains source or medium data here which can be efficiently split among the other tags.

Example explaining the use of UTM campaign parameter

Supposedly, you’re running two simultaneous campaigns on Facebook – one which offers 30% off the new stock, and the other which offers 50% off on the old stock.

Now, how would you differentiate and understand the traffic sent by both campaigns? Utm_campaign parameter here makes the things easier. All you need to do is define your UTM campaign parameter smartly. If we were to ask, we would set 30_off_campaign and 50_off_campaign as the parameters, and make the easy identification of traffic.

Whatever you set, it is highly recommended to be empathetic with your tags as your users can easily check them from address bar!