What is UTM Medium Parameter?

What is UTM Medium Parameter?

UTM Parameters are nothing but tags that you add to a certain URL for tracking purposes. When a user clicks on a link with UTM parameters, these tags help in better tracking. For example, you might have a range of campaigns running. You might promote your services online using an AdWords campaign and a Facebook ad simultaneously.

So how would you know that which campaign is converting more leads to customers and is providing you the traffic? How would you track the success of two campaigns? Well, the answer lies in UTM parameters. Adding UTM parameters to an URL helps in better tracking.

How do UTM parameters do that?

UTM parameters consist of 5 primary dimensions that help you in categorizing the traffic data namely source, medium, campaign, term, and content.

What is UTM Medium Parameter?

Consider the given mentioned link:


Here the utm_medium parameter defines how the user landed on your website. You might get confused between utm_source and utm_medium. Utm_source helps you in tracking who send the visitor to your website, but utm_medium would tell you how.

In the example given above, Utm_source is Facebook and utm_medium is Facebook campaign, which gives you a fair idea of the marketing strategies that are giving optimum results/traffic.

You can get traffic on your website via various mediums. Let’s see some of the commonly used mediums:

  1. referral: This is the default medium if nothing else is set by you.
  2. (not set): Here Google analytics fails to determine the origin of traffic
  3. (none): This is the medium when someone opens your website URL directly
  4. organic: This is the organic search traffic which might be due to keyword based search and the likes
  5. email: This is the traffic medium you acquire through links in emails
  6. CPC: This is the cost per click and is a type of paid traffic
  7. video: This is the traffic you gain by putting links in videos
  8. social: This is the traffic you get through social media either by running campaigns or naturally.

Thus, utm_medium parameter helps you in determining the medium you are getting traffic from.