What Is UTM Source Parameter?

Before we skip to UTM source parameter, it is important to understand what UTM parameters are. UTM are the standard parameters which are used for tracking purposes in Google Analytics and other marketing software including the likes of KISSmetrics, Hubspot, and the others.

To begin with, there are 5 UTM parameters, and UTM source parameter is one of them.

UTM source parameter, as the name indicates, defines the source of the traffic. It helps you in tracking the website or the application which is sending traffic to your website.

You might run your campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. UTM source parameter helps in revealing the better performer between Facebook and Twitter by helping you in tracking as to which source is sending you more traffic than other.

Along with UTM source parameter, the other 4 include: medium parameter which tells how the user landed on your website, campaign parameter which tells the campaign which is driving traffic to your website, content parameter which helps you in tracking the particular blog post which is engaging more users and term parameter which reveals the best performing keyword.

Things to keep in mind while setting the UTM parameters

  • Be consistent, and follow the same naming convention throughout in all your campaigns.
  • Tag all links with UTM parameters on external websites and apps to track all activity

Wrapping up

UTM source parameter is an essential parameter and helps you in determining the source of the traffic. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind while setting the UTM parameters and make the best out of your campaigns.